Tenacious and unapologetically curious

My childhood home sat in an Appalachian valley at the end of a red clay road—with no indoor plumbing, no video games and no VCR. 

Growing up on the poverty line, I was not afforded the privilege of resting with well enough. Survival demanded that I try harder, work smarter and always pursue something better.

It is with this tenacity that I have dedicated my career to simplifying convoluted user flows and streamlining complex information systems. I use inquiry, strategic thinking and ongoing user feedback cycles to understand my client's needs and design the most valuable solution for their users. 

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"Tobi Jo's many talents make her one of the most talented UX designers I've worked with in my career.

She is very strategic and understands the business needs and implications on any given project. At the same time, she is extremely insightful about users and a champion of user-centered design."

~ Barbara Pantuso, Principle @ SY Partners


My current role

In the last few years as an independent consultant I have pitched, procured and led $700k in UX design contracts with New York State, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, Financial Aid TV, The Jewish Agency for Israel, and others. 

My lean UX design process relies on inquiry, analysis, collaboration and experimentation. The whole point is to validate—with research and data—that a proposed design solution solves real users' problems in a user-friendly way. When done in collaboration with my clients, I build consensus and ensure viability for the end product.


What did I do before this?

In my work at Frog Design, Razorfish, and Huge I led and designed for multimillion dollar accounts with American Express, Target, New York City, Hewlett Packard, Capital One and others. 

I learned a lot about team leadership, client partnership and working-around wily feasibility problems for clients with wildly varied tech stacks.