ATO Consulting UX Director

UX Director (Contract) for ATO

My role

Adjacent to One is a digital product and service consultancy formed when Facebook acquired Hot Studio in 2013. I joined Adjacent to One as a contract UX Director in early 2014. 

 UX Department Head, Contract

With the staff UX Director, I co-led the UX department. Together we established the UX department vision, capabilities, processes, roles, salaries and management practices. I met with the CEO on a regular basis to define the UX department position within the firm's service offering.

Mentor and Teacher

I established UX processes, training documents and dozens of process one-pagers. I mentored and trained UX staff. All departmental documents are proprietary and cannot be shared here. 

UX Design Lead

I led pitches, projects, processes and deliverables. An example project, I led CA Technologies design projects, including CA Technologies SaaS Platform. Select screens below. 




Case Studies

Read my case studies to see how I use 10+ years of experience to lead clients in defining digital strategies, product roadmaps and the execution of large-scale, cross-platform design systems.