Huge School Design Challenge

UX Director and instructor for HUGE UX School

The invitation

I had the honor of leading the Huge UX School program and teaching many of the courses in 2014. Since then, I have been invited back each year to do it again. But—alas—I've been booked.

Directing Huge UX School was so much fun because I love teaching (and learning from) new UX designers. If you don't know about Huge UX School, this video says 2016, but the class they're featuring was the one I directed in 2014.


The solution

I have a ton of decks and exercise files that I can't show you. Not even a live demo or in-person peek. I'm sworn to secrecy. It's worth mentioning the other folks who made Huge UX School 2014 a success. Emily Wengert, Group UX VP and Josh Payton, Europe UX VP both helped shape the program and recruited our class.


Case studies

Read my case studies to see how I use 10+ years of experience to lead clients in defining digital strategies, product roadmaps and the execution of large-scale, cross-platform design systems.